Kingsway Cars was first established in 1972 in the South of Manchester. The company’s call centre and offices are located at the junction of Lane End Road and Kingsway, just off the A34 close to Didsbury
The company was first established with only five cars. Over the years, our fleet has grown substantially and has now become one of the largest private hire firms in South Manchester.
The company is family run, with over twenty professional members of staff and almost two hundred experienced private hire drivers.
In 2001 Kingsway Cars was incorporated into Hazelbase Limited.

About our System

In the early 90s, we were one of the first private hire companies to introduce a computerized call and GPS dispatch system. Since then we have continuously upgraded our technology and work practices to ensure that we are able to provide the best possible service. This is achieved by using the most up to date taxi management and dispatch system that is available on the current market.
All of the vehicles in our fleet are equipped with a GPS dispatch system which allows bookings to be automatically allocated to the closest car to the job.
This system increases the efficiency of our fleet, consequently reducing the time and distance the driver takes to reach the customer. This not only provides our customers with a swift service, but also reduces unnecessary mileage. In effect, lowering our carbon footprint. Using GPS we are able to track and monitor every vehicle and journey that we undertake.


With our large fleet of vehicles and state of the art dispatch system, we provide a service from South Manchester to all parts of the city and further afield, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including all religious, public and bank holidays.
We have free phones installed at a number of supermarkets and entertainment facilities in the Manchester area.
With our fleet positioned across Manchester we can provide taxis within 5 – 10 minutes on average, and 10 – 15 minutes when located out of area.
Our company offers monthly corporate account services at a negotiable rate, subject to status. We can also provide a discount service for contractual work. As a valued account customer we make sure that you receive a priority service.
Apart from the accounts that we hold with local businesses, we also hold accounts with Local Education Authority Schools, where we are responsible for the transportation of children and school staff.


All our vehicles are licensed and regulated by Manchester City Council, with every vehicle displaying a Kingsway Cars sticker on its side and a council private hire sticker on the front. Vehicle safety checks are conducted by the city council every four months at a special council MOT centre. Vehicles are regularly checked by company inspectors to ensure every car provides a clean and safe service to our customers.
Our fleet consists of Saloon, Hatchback, Estate and Minibus vehicles which are either silver or white. Our standard vehicles hold up to four passengers and luggage, where extra storage space may be required, hatchback and estate cars are available on request. Our minibuses can accommodate up to eight passengers and can transport large amounts of luggage and items.
Our vehicles are not just for transporting passengers, many local businesses use our company to provide a courier service.

Our Professional Private Hire Drivers

All of our drivers are fully licensed by Manchester City Council. Part of the process of obtaining a Private Hire Licence requires drivers to pass exams set by the City’s Licencing Department. These exams test the drivers knowledge of the City Of Manchester, checking if drivers know how to traverse the city and the drivers awareness of popular landmark locations. The exams ensure that driving standards are at a professional level. They also asses each driver’s ability to communicate with customers. This licence is renewed yearly. Another condition of acquiring a licence is that each driver must pass a CRB police background check and medical exam. The CRB check is conducted every three years and the medical exam every five years.
Our drivers have taken, passed and attained a NVQ level II in Road Passenger Vehicle Driving. The purpose of this qualification is to standardize the taxi service. It educates drivers how to communicate with customers in a professional and courteous manner and how to provide assistance. It also teaches drivers how to manage and defuse any difficult situation that may occur ranging from difficult customers to someone who may require minor medical assistance. The drivers are taught the rules and regulations for driving a private hire vehicle and why these rules exist, not only to benefit customers but also themselves.
Our vehicles are easily recognizable by the Kingsway Cars sticker that all the vehicles in our fleet display. To the same extent every driver also carries and displays a Manchester City Council Photographic Identification Badge. You can expect every Kingsway driver to act professionally, be courteous to customers and be dressed in smart attire.

South Manchester Travel Ltd T/A Kingsway Cars
Company Registration Number: 15057455